Delicate Steve Returns to Boise 

Friday, June 29, at Visual Arts Collective

Don't let the name fool you--Delicate Steve's sound is far from delicate.

After recording friends' bands in his home studio, New Jersey-based songwriter Steve Marion realized he had enough equipment to record an album of his own. Layering percussion and synthesized keyboards amid intertwined slide guitar and head-bobbable beats, Delicate Steve produces ambient instrumental tracks that range from relaxed to straight-up danceable.

Best known for the 2010 release Wondervisions, Delicate Steve's sound is reminiscent of a mellowed-out Animal Collective with more folk and fewer words. Newer, upbeat songs feature synthesized keyboard versions of classic rock riffs.

You can catch Delicate Steve at Visual Arts Collective Friday, June 29, when you'll hear new tracks from the band's upcoming July release, Positive Force.

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