Delicate Steve Returns to Boise 

Sunday, Nov. 18, Neurolux

New Jersey producer and guitarist Steve Marion formed Delicate Steve to play the solo record he recorded in 2010, Wondervisions.

At first, the band got more attention for its bio being written by bestselling rock 'n' roll author Chuck Klosterman, a bio that included no information about the band whatsoever despite running some 1,500 words.

"The critics unilaterally concur: Delicate Steve is a band who creates music," it reads.

But the instrumental, major-key tunes Delicate Steve recorded were ultra-catchy, and now the band has been compared to everything from Built to Spill to afropop. With expressively played guitars and Marion's voice layered over calypso beats and synth riffs, the band grabbed the indie-rock generation's ear the same way The Ventures turned the ear of 1960s rock 'n' rollers.

Now it's the press release that is overlooked.

[ Video is no longer available. ]
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