Dems Party Down 

Idaho's Democratic Party is preparing to rally the troops for the 2008 elections.

The party is in the process of organizing house parties (no, not that kind of house party). These events will be the foundation of the group's organizational effort for the coming year.

John Foster, executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party, said the effort wasn't radical, just timed differently. "It's the same kind of grass-roots, person-to-person field program that Idaho Democrats have always found successful," he said.

The difference is that the events are scheduled to begin a full year before the next election. "Idaho Democrats are extremely motivated to win," Foster said.

On Nov. 3, all house party hosts will gather their friends, watch a DVD message from Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean and then start knocking on doors in their neighborhoods to spread the Democratic gospel.

The goal of the national event is to maximize voter turnout next year. Foster said there are already 60 parties planned around the state, more than in any other state—a surprise in what is traditionally a Republican Party stronghold.

Foster said his goal is to have 100 parties. "It's an extremely ambitious goal," he said. "We're going to have to work longer and harder."

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