Dent May, Jan. 30, Neurolux 

Crazy-high falsetto

On its surface, Warm Blanket (Paw Tracks, Aug. 2013), the latest full-length from Mississippi-born singer-songwriter-producer Dent May, is a cuddly listen. Jangly guitar, horns and May's crazy-high falsetto give the album a nostalgic vibe, though there's a contemporary, fierce side to things, too. In "Let Them Talk," May sings, "We act as lovers do / And they talk when I'm with you. / I tell you what, I tell you what / I thought about it a million times / And I just don't give a fuck." And pull the covers all the way back, and there lies a young man bummed about love, like in "Born too Late," when May sings, "When I'm sleeping late at night / I can't help dreaming that you could be mine / But you're not by my side."

It's tough to believe the sweet-faced, multitalented musician is having a hard time finding a soulmate... maybe he's too busy making music.

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