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Re: “Fish and Game Wants Your Wolf Comments

I understand that people in Idaho, especially ones who live off the land, are having a rough time. Ranchers aren't doing well and hunters can make a lot of money taking tourists hunting for elk. Permits aren't cheap. I just don't buy that wolves are the problem. I THINK that since so many people feel powerless to fix the problem that wolves have become scapegoats. By leaning on the Fish and Wildlife service people feel like they have control and are seeing a desired outcome. We are animals and the illusion that we are separate from the environment is ludicrous.

In a system where the average American does not have a lot power to influence politicians or sectors of the economy that are dying. Finding something else to blame is easy. There is no scientific data thats supports local and federal management plans of wolves.

Also I agree with wilder the survey is biased and only gears towards killing. Empathy is needed here. I don't find how shooting, trapping, poisoning wolves is a humane way in managing wolves.

Posted by derlemke on 07/18/2011 at 11:25 AM

Re: “Fish and Game Wants Your Wolf Comments

OK. You attack my character, accuse of not understanding. All this proves is that you like to make assumptions. You did say I haven't done anything difficult with my life. My level of critical thinking and ability? Hmmmmm. Interesting. You have only been able to show one point of view. I don't believe you have the capacity or the brain power for empathy. You didn't answer my question about ranchers and hunters. You avoid any question or statement that goes against your point of view.

Sorry (not really) my last response was a little scattered. I wrote it late at night. My view is not narrow, like I said I have walked in other people shoes. I have grown as a person to become well rounded. You still stand by idly, arguing the same thing. IDAHO, kill wolves, people will starve, OMG the government, tyranny and so on. Kind of sounds like all that white supremacist rhetoric (Idaho does have some of the biggest white supremacist groups in the US). I'm not saying the people of Idaho are racist, because that would be an assumption. Easy to hide in the woods aye?

I never said I cared about you, but I wanted to engage in civil discussion. The way you throw around insults on this site proves you can't. Since you assumed I was a spoiled little rich kid, thus I brought up the Marines. I wan't seeking the approval of somebody I obviously wouldn't get along with and I don't want a pat on the back.

Let me break down how you argue.

1. Insults- Idiot, Dipstick and whatever else you were thinking at the time.

2. Accusations- Attempt to make it look like I ignore your questions and thoughts when I directly answer them. You ignore my questions. Matter of fact you ignored all them from the last response. WHAT have wolves done to you, Idaho's economy (tourism, 3rd largest sector in your economy which wolves are apart of), and rural people? I already understand the rancher POV. ( Let me will call me an idiot and say that I don't...with out asking why I understand their problems.). Also you said I have a narrow POV. I sure don't. You have exercised your narrow POV and it shows.

3. Find something else to make fun of me with that doesn't pertain to anything.

4. Process a logical argument. You haven't really used any solid data once. Your link was lame and one-sided. I even said on of my links were, but where they received the data wasn't. All of my POV's have solid scientific backup. You use scare tactics and erroneous arguments. You have not used logic once.

5. Once again you let people know how smart and right you are. How wrong we are and that were pretty much not worthy of your presence.

Enjoy whatever you do, sounds like a stellar life.

Posted by derlemke on 07/15/2011 at 6:45 AM

Re: “Fish and Game Wants Your Wolf Comments

@Billy Really Wolves have ruined your state? Interesting that tourism is your 3rd largest industry and many people are coming to see them. Links below. So what are you an hunter, rancher? Have wolves organized to ruin your life? Yes the US Fish and Wildlife service what a steller agency (sarcasm). I'm not naive and have had hardships in my life. I'm a former marine. Stationed at Cherry Point MOS 7051. So I'm not some trust fund baby who randomly selects causes. Once again your argument is purely anthropocentric. I used to be like that, now I view the world from a broader view, that incorporates non-humans. ECO systems should not be managed by humans, there is nothing natural about that.

Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, UP Michigan, Minnesota all haves wolves living there. Some were reintroduced and some naturally relocated. Yep, they sure are ruining those states, peoples quality of life sure have be ruined by them. You assume I'm some crazy environmentalist, no I'm a rational person who sees irrational human behavior.

So please explain to me in full how peoples lives have been ruined? I understad the ranchers qualms, but it's not a good enough argument. I'm not making assumptions, you did by saying I haven't done anything difficult.. you also saidcI've never had direct contact with wolves. I have had contact with wolves. Also if you don't believe I was in the Marines.... would you like to scan my dd-214 for you?

website:…… I know the website is called wolf new, but the sources on the website are Main Stream Media.

Posted by derlemke on 07/14/2011 at 7:02 PM

Re: “Fish and Game Wants Your Wolf Comments

@Billy Man you should really pat yourself on the back. Please use real data instead of your biased opinion. What we have here is a classic case of someone being anthropocentric. You have the inability to see outside the human perspective, thus only care about what helps humans. Yellow Stone became a much more healthy as an ecosystem when wolves were reintroduced. The ELK were eating all the grass and affecting xeric species. Wolves were killed in mass numbers starting back in the 1920's when the GOVERNMENT made the Biological Survey killed over 400,000 predators. This was for game and ranchers. Then we cleared all the land so we could produce crap tons of beef. Beef that goes to waste. Mr. Baroo there has been 2 cases of people killed by wolves but they were sick. There are thousands of attacks by domesticated dogs every year, they also can kill cattle. Coyotes have been the main source of cattle killings. The wolves pushed them out and the coyote numbers have dropped. Also there are NONPFOFIT ORGS that pay ranchers for their loses. What else do you want? There has been smear campaigns against wolves going on for decades. Idaho proud Senator Crapo once said " School buses go through rural areas, they become wolf fodder". This is a blatant lie, something a senator shouldn't do. If we want unfragmented pristine ecosystems then wolves need to be part of them. Too many times humans want make a cake and eat the whole thing. We share this planet, its not ours. You make it sound like if we don't kill all the wolves people starve, get maimed and the whole economy of Idaho will fall apart. Thats you BS

Posted by derlemke on 07/14/2011 at 1:49 PM

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