Dear Minerva,

Why would you ask victims of sexual abuse to come forward to the police when cops are often abusers themselves, with one of the highest rates of domestic violence by profession? Vulnerable communities are the first to be harrassed and profiled by police, so your suggestion is deeply disappointing. I appreciate your intention to help protect our community, but as a victim, I want access to resources to help heal, not punitive retribution and a chance to be harrassed and surveilled by cops.


Queer and Upset

Dear QU,

I acknowledge that, as a victim, you feel deeply disappointed. I, as a person who has been victimized, want a world where people are empowered to help stop the crimes that have happened to them from happening to others. As a victim of harassment and sexual assault, I long ago vowed that although I was victimized, I would not live as a "victim." I want to be part of the solution. Please note: I provided resources for help (Faces of Hope Victim Center), and I offered that as a resource regardless of whether a victim decides to come forward or not—that is an individual's prerogative. We all have the choice to wallow or to rise from the ashes. I understand your disdain for the police, but I'd like to point out that 100 percent of abusers are people, whether they wear a badge, hold office or bag your groceries. Don't let fear stand in the way of what is right.

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