Week in Review: DIY and Hot Air 

Hot air balloons hovered on the horizon during the Spirit of Boise.

Andrew Crisp

Hot air balloons hovered on the horizon during the Spirit of Boise.

Boiseans were in high spirits last week with the launch of the annual Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. And Boise Weekly Staff Writer Andrew Crisp found out that all the hype wasn't just hot air when he launched into the sky with hot air balloon enthusiast Valerie Favicchio Aug. 30.

"Favicchio showed her skills at keeping a mammoth dirigible full of hot air from straying into dangerous territory--like the not-so-distant towers of downtown Boise," Crisp noted.

"Favicchio pulled at a long rope attached to the side of the balloon and goosed the trigger for more propane. She hovered 20 feet above Ann Morrison Park, trying desperately to perform a 'splash dash' by kissing the basket to the top of the fountain below."

And speaking of making a splash, indie folkster Clarke Howell of Clarke and the Himselves pulled a Bob Dylan Aug. 29, when he went electric at the First Borns' tape release show at Red Room.

According to BW's Josh Gross: "Howell set up an electric guitar and a drum set, then took turns pounding the strings of his overdriven guitar with the sticks in between downbeats on the snare drum. Howell has always written good material, but then sort of limpwristedly phoned-in the performance aspect. But the new setup forced a more-ferocious attack that gave his tunes an impact similar to grunge."

In other spirited happenings, the Discovery Center of Idaho opened its doors to the 21-and-older set once again for its popular Adult Night series on the theme The Science of D.I.Y.

According to BW's Sheree Whiteley, representatives from Ceramica, The Potters Corner, Boise Art Glass and Bricolage showed attendees how to craft things with their hands.

"The Discovery Center's regular exhibits also delighted adults, as they clutched their beverages and learned about everything from sound waves to making a movie with children's toys," wrote Whiteley. "One station measured height, and drew protests from a group of men who insisted it was an inch-and-a-half off."

And speaking of spirited beer-swilling, Brewforia hosted the Barley Bros. Traveling Beer Show Sept. 1 at the Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park in Meridian. According to Crisp: "The Meridian location drew a different crowd than the fest's previous iterations in downtown Boise. Families pushed strollers or cradled children, which seemed an odd choice for boozing revelry."

In addition to live music and a beard and mustache competition, the fest offered samples of more than 250 beers from breweries like North Coast Brewing Co. in California and Grand Teton Brewing Company in Victor.

While a number of attendees sported palate-cleansing pretzel necklaces, others wore shirts with slogans like: "Excommunicated Mormon Drinking Team," "Where's the Beer?" and "Idaho: Not So Bad After A Couple Beers."

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