Do Not Call Me=Call Me 

Spam messages and mailers have become such a predictable presence in this reporter's mailbox and inbox that I feel like a whiner if I bother acknowledging their presence with a snide comment. But the telephone, it appears, remains a sacred and protected vessel of communication. Telemarketers who are daft or desperate enough to violate that modern Leviticus known as the "do not call list" take fate into their own autodialers, and they have no one to blame if some state attorney general or other goes all "Jesus and the moneylenders" on them.

So what's John Belcastro's excuse? 'Twas nothing convincing enough to keep the Idaho AG's office from cramming its proverbial hand into the unregistered telemarketer's back pocket for a $10,000 fine after Belcastro autodialed a whole heap of Nampa residents to advertise carpet cleaning services. The AG's office received 75 complaints from Nampans (or as we've often labeled then in BW, Namphibians) about Belcastro's telephonic intrusions between January and March of this year, while Belcastro was contracting to telemarket for a Caldwell cleaning service. As part of a settlement reached last week, Belcastro admitted no liability to the crime of violating Idaho's no-call laws, though he agreed to pay a $10,000 civil penalty and to cease soliciting in Idaho until he registered properly.

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