Doctor Who Velocity: Look Who's Time Traveling in Boise 

The success of locally made Doctor Who fan film inspires sequel

The first episode of Doctor Who Velocity has attracted more than 26,000 online views.

Courtesy Chris Phillips

The first episode of Doctor Who Velocity has attracted more than 26,000 online views.

The adventure of making a Boise-based Doctor Who fan film has all the elements of any good story: what, when, where and, of course, who.

The "what" is Doctor Who Velocity, a 10-minute fan film written by and starring Boise comedienne/actress Krystal Moore and directed by her partner Chris Phillips. The short film has already tallied more than 26,000 online views.

The "when" was two years ago. Twelve male actors have portrayed the time traveler on British television since 1963, and Moore thought a female Doctor was long overdue.

"By now, the world knows the BBC recently cast British actress Jodie Whittaker to take over the role of The Doctor at the end of this December's Doctor Who Christmas Special," said Phillips. "But, my girlfriend Krystal actually started writing our fan film with a female playing The Doctor quite some time ago. Our fan film, with the female Doctor, is rather successful [based on] the response."

The "where" is here. Doctor Who Velocity was shot entirely in and around Boise.

"Earlier this year, we shot scenes in the Foothills, the North End, Esther Simplot Park and downtown Boise," said Phillips. "If you think of it, we had everything we needed within five minutes: a city, a river, mountains and deserts."

Finding locations wasn't a challenge, but finding a life-size Time And Relative Dimension In Space replica—a.k.a. TARDIS—was.

"That was our biggest question," said Phillips. "I went to the Reddit website and asked, "Has anyone seen a TARDIS in Boise?' It turned out that Re-POP has a brilliant, full-size 100-percent replica of the TARDIS sitting in the middle of the store," said Phillips. "The owners were lovely, and they let us shoot some key scenes in the store."

A native of Britain, Phillips worked extensively for MTV before settling in Boise.

"Pimp My Ride, Jersey Shore, MTV News—you name it, and I did [it] for MTV," said Phillips, who now works full-time for SOVRN, an advertising agency in Boise. "We produce spots for the City of Boise, St. Luke's Hospital, a lot of big clients. During the 2016 presidential election, I also created a lot of animations of [President] Donald Trump for The Guardian newspaper's website."

The "who" in Doctor Who Velocity, is the local cast, which includes Phillips, Moore as The Doctor, Jen Potcher as a 16th century witch, Chance Fuerstinger as a bumbling assistant and cast members Scott Grady, Paycen McGahey and Dylan Wood.

"We couldn't be happier with the response to the first episode. Krystal already wrote a second episode and, with any luck, we'll produce even more," said Phillips, who added that filming is already underway with episode two. First though, the cast and crew want to celebrate the success of the first film, so Re-POP is hosting a Dr. Who Velocity party Saturday, Nov. 18 from 5-8 p.m. The celebration is free and open to the public, and partygoers, who are encouraged to dress as their favorite Doctor Who or other sci-fi characters, can rub elbows with the cast and crew, and get their picture taken with the TARDIS.

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