Dogfood Debacle 

We seem to have stirred up quite the hornets' nest with our story (BW, News, "War of Words," June 27, 2007), which outlined the nasty battle between the Boise City Council and Boise Police Union over a new contract for the cops.

Councilman Alan Shealy's comment that the way the union leaders were acting made him think they were "on dope and dogfood" has garnered much more attention than even we expected. So far, several television news stations have picked up on the story, and Shealy wrote a guest editorial in the Idaho Statesman clarifying his support for rank-and-file police officers.

And that's not even counting the field day bloggers have had with the issue.

While there's been much said in the last week, the city and the union have not yet reached an agreement.

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