Dogs Re-leashed: Off-leash Season in Boise Parks Ends Thursday, Feb. 28 

  • Laurie Pearman
Who let the dogs out? Well, Boise Parks and Recreation did when it announced in October 2018 that it would once again run its seasonal off-leash program in Ann Morrison Park and Optimist Youth Sports Complex starting Nov. 1. The goal of the program, which began in 2011, is to use roaming dogs to fend off the geese that invade Boise's riverside parks in the winter, but unfortunately with winter coming to an end (not that you'd know it to look outside) it's time to put the pups back on their tethers.

"The program has been very successful for us. It honestly just helps make sure that the geese don't all kind of stay in one place during the winter months. Ann Morrison Park is a very popular spot for them, and just having the dogs in the area keeps them more dispersed," said Parks and Rec Communications Manager Bonnie Shelton.

As in years past, the program is slated to run through the end of February, making the last day before leash rules are enforced again Thursday, Feb. 28. Shelton said next year's program will have the same November-February run time.

"With the opening of Dog Island sometime this summer at Ann Morrison Park, those dates won't change," said Shelton. "We'll still host that seasonal off-leash program, but the Dog Island area in the corner of the park will be open [to off-leash dogs] year-round."

If the newly reinstated restrictions put a damper on your weekend plans, click here for a list of parks and areas in Boise that are always leash-optional. 
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