Donald Trumpkin 

Big, round, orange and full of mush.


Big, round, orange and full of mush, what's the difference between Donald Trump's head and a pumpkin? Trump has hair.


Seriously, though, pumpkins can wear toupees, which is exactly what the smartass(es) behind the Donald Trumpkin Halloween 2016 campaign are encouraging people to do to their holiday gourds.

As it states at, "I've been busy making America great again one day at a time. By surging in the polls for the GOP, I am showing all of the other candidates who is boss. And who is a better boss than me? Nobody."

To celebrate, the site is hosting a Trumpkin Carving Contest open through Halloween. To enter, simply snap a photo of your best Trumpkin and post to @Donald_Trumpkin on Twitter.

According to the site, "the winner gets a prize. The loser has to listen to Hillary Clinton's speeches on repeat for a day."

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