Donnie Mac's Closes, Brewforia-Bown Becomes Bier:Thirty 

And Subway is set to occupy the former Caruso's space

Bier:Thirty falls somewhere between quarter-to-sober and drunk o'clock.


Bier:Thirty falls somewhere between quarter-to-sober and drunk o'clock.

Donnie Mac's is packing up its pink flamingos and heading to the great rusty trailer park in the sky. The Linen District's white-trash-themed restaurant is officially closing on Wednesday, Oct. 26, at midnight.

"We're disappointed," said manager John Rapp. "But this business is a struggle. With the economy right now, it's a struggle in the restaurant industry ... We were happy to provide the service that we have for the last six years ... It was a great place to work, and we're sad to see it go."

The Linen District's David Hale said that another restaurant will soon move into the space, but there are no plans to reopen Donnie Mac's in another location, confirmed Donnie Mac's owner Jim Finch. Donnie Mac's will host a big blowout, good-bye bash Wednesday night.

"I'd invite everyone to come down on Wednesday. We're going to blow out any inventory we have left. We'll have some killer deals," said Rapp. "It'll be like 25, 50, 75 percent off beer and food. We'll just blow through our inventory and party it out trailer-style."

And in splitsville news, the original Brewforia in Meridian and Brewforia-Bown have officially severed ties. On Oct. 18 Brewforia-Bown became Bier:Thirty Bottle and Bistro.

According to Bier:Thirty co-owner Chris Oates, the spot will continue to focus on premium suds but will also expand its menu considerably and offer wine by the glass.

"We want to go more local food, more Northwest cuisine, get away from just having sandwiches and chips and stuff we have had."

According to Brewforia owner Rick Boyd, the change arose because of differing visions.

"Essentially, Chris wanted to go a different direction and it wasn't a direction that would've kept it as a Brewforia ... From what I understand from him, it's going to be a little more food-focused," said Boyd.

But food wasn't the only reason the stores parted ways, according to Oates.

"The menu wasn't a huge part of it ... There's a lot of other reasons that we can't necessarily get into," said Oates.

Brewforia-Bown wasn't technically a franchise, Boyd explained, but rather a "licensed facility."

"So they had the rights to use the name and the concept that we had granted them ... It wasn't owned by Brewforia. It was owned by Chris and Kammie, and they've decided to just do things a little differently," Boyd said.

But Brewforia isn't singing the brews blues just yet.

"We're OK with it," Boyd said. "We'll just continue to keep chugging along. We're already looking to open a few more stores here in the valley in the near future."

Though Boyd hasn't settled on any locations, he mentioned the downtown Boise-Boise State area as a likely possibility.

"Our goal is to grow Brewforia and open more stores and to develop a very cohesive, consistent brand," said Boyd. "So it's important to us that our stores reflect a similar look an feel and our menus be consistent throughout."

In downtown news, Subway is choosing to ignore the fate of the recently shuttered Caruso's Sandwich Company. The national fast-food chain is gearing up to open a new location in the space that formerly housed Caruso's, at 130 N. Eighth St. Apparently, the corner of Eighth and Main must have sandwiches.

And in TV food news, everyone's favorite foul-mouthed, booze-swilling former chef, Anthony Bourdain, has a new 10-part series premiering on the Travel Channel, which he described on the TC blog as "faster, more democratic and more caffeinated than No Rez. But just as obnoxious."

The Layover will follow Bourdain as he spends 24 to 48 hours cavorting around cities like New York, San Francisco and Rome, exposing all the must-see attractions.

Billed as "no nonsense and budget-friendly," The Layover promises to showcase Bourdain's signature snark and predilection for back-alley holes-in-the-wall. The show will premiere on Monday, Nov. 21, on the Travel Channel.

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