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Re: “Nuthouse Sports Bar and Grill

I like to give new places a few different tries before I pass some kind of judgement on them much like I do with people, but rub me the wrong way a few times and it is over. The Nut House has struck out when it comes to food. I have eaten there four times now for lunch and each time left feeling disappointed.

It isn't the atmosphere or the wait staff as both are good, it is the food.

The first time I ate there was just before they shut down to change into a full liquor bar. I had their Reuben sandwich for lunch. I am a huge fan of the Reuben sandwich and have not found one in a long time that could be said to be Boise's Best. The Rendezvous that used to be on Fairview years ago, now The Office, had what I would consider the best of Reubens. It was homemade corned beef shredded served on buttered toasted marbled rye with sauerkraut and a spicy aioli covered in melted Gruyere cheese. The sandwich was full of meat and had that satisfying crispy crunch that one looks for in a griddle meal.

The Nut House's Reuben is nothing like the Rendezvous. The bread was plain toasted and only hinted at its rye flavors. The little meat on the sandwich gave back nary a idea of corned beef. I tasted more sauerkraut than anything. It lacked any cheese which to me isn't as important as a proper meat to bread ratio.

The second time I ate there on a Friday after they reopened with full bar. I tried there Friday special of finger steaks. I have been a life long finger steak eater since my mother took me to The Torch years ago when that is what they were famous for inventing. The Nut House menu stated they were locally made so I was hoping for something better than the normal frozen packaged pieces of processed beef battered into little chunks of bland. Although they were larger than most premade finger steaks I have tried these had the same tough unflavorful ending. I was really hoping.

The third time I ate lunch there I thought I would try a staple of many joints and go for the French Dip. It failed quite like the Reuben, its bread was dry toasted, and had very little beef. I did have the option of cheese but they lacked the choice of Provolone which I prefer on my dips.

Today I decided to give it one more chance as today was Wing Wednesday. 50 sent wings are always worth a try especially since I over heard one of the waitresses previously say they were good. So I ordered some wings and a fish sandwich. The fish was two pieces of battered cod. Combined with the plain bun it was all too much and too little. Too much bread and breading and too little flavor.

Wings for me are special little treats that when done right make you smile and think of the next time when you can return for another. The wings at the Nut House are decent sized wings however they are not cooked long enough to give you that crispiness I crave. I like the outside of my wings to be crispy and the inside nice and juicy. These left the skin to be a soggy mess once the sauce had been applied.

All of the meals I tried came with either fries or tots and they give you a lot of them. I would rather have a less fried and more meat. Each time I left half of them on the plate. Overall the prices were okay, but even with the cheapest of meals if it doesn't taste good I still feel let down.

I might be in for drinks but as for the food Nut House, You're Out!

Posted by DonSkokie on 04/06/2011 at 1:42 PM

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Re: “Woody's Beefs Up the Basic Bar Menu

I have usually enjoyed going to the Plank for their 25 cent wing specials on Mondays and Wednesdays because it was cheap and on average okay wings. I went to Woody's for the first time since the name change last week in hopes of some more of their wings and to try their new BBQ. Sure the price of wings had gone up to three for a dollar, but I was fine with that as I was looking forward to them. I always order my wings extra crispy in hopes that they will cook them a little longer more crispy to my liking. I ordered twelve of their wings extra crispy and the cook was told to make them extra extra crispy. I also ordered some of their St. Louis style Baja ribs with a side salad and a October beer.

I watched as the cook came from the back with a Ziploc bag of precooked chicken wings and a Ziploc bag of ribs. He proceeded to dump the wings into the fryer and then put the ribs on the flat top with a lid and squirted water under it to steam them. After a few minutes he removed the wings from the fryer, sauced them and put them on a plate with the ribs. I was served the ribs and wings without my salad which I had to wait a while before it actually was served.

I will start with the salad. It was very basic, iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, cheese, croutons, and ranch dressing. It was just, basic. I love a good salad and this was not it. The croutons were tiny out of a box uniform stall nothingness. The lettuce was cut very small which I find odd as it makes it hard to eat.

The wings were exactly what I expected as soon as I saw him take them out of the fryer after only a few minutes, disappointing. I ask for extra crispy because I don't like a soggy wing where the skin is rubbery. I want a little slight crunch to the wing. Even with precooked wings it was not long in the fryer to get even a little crispy.

Ribs, I love good ribs. Woody's ribs were all wrong. First they weren't left on the flattop long enough to even heat the meat through let alone the bones. In my experience ribs cooked previously and then reheated never will compare to fresh off the smoker ribs. These ribs were still cool, the meat tough and certainly not fall off the bone. The flavor was okay, but that is all they had going for them.

It all comes down preparation and execution. I can easily see where one would want to prepare food so it would be easier and faster come serving time, but you miss out on the good. I have to fault the cook who seemed to be just that, a cook. He didn't seem to care as long as the food went onto the plate. When someone says cook the wings extra crispy three minutes in a fryer is not going to make them crispy. If you're a cook you should know that a few minutes on the flattop with ribs right out of the fridge is not going to heat them through.

The worst thing I see when I am cooking any kind of food is serving bad food. I take pride in what I serve. If it is supposed to be hot it is hot, if it is supposed to be cold it is cold. Those are very key items right behind flavors.

I think Woody's has failed at what it was trying have as its signature flavor, BBQ. If the sign out front says BBQ then you better have good BBQ. Woody's you failed me and I don't see myself giving you another chance.


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Posted by DonSkokie on 10/03/2011 at 11:26 AM

Re: “Alton Brown: Food Geek Chic

Is this really an article? It is five sentences and a quote. Really? Really! This seems like something a seventh grader would write last minute for a report that was due ten minutes ago. Was there any proofreading or any editor look over it before this was posted? "HA! Checking "meet Alton Brown" of the bucket list." Please someone help the food section out. I used to look forward to reading the food section especially the reviews. Now I fear every time I pick up this paper or read the website I am going to get some half ass attempt at writing. Where is the passion in this article?

How many times have people writing articles started the with "If I looked up blah blah blah in the dictionary I would find...."? Why not start out with why you went to the annual meeting for the American Culinary Federation and then transition into how you met Alton Brown? Then you could give a real take on the person he is instead of copy pasting most of your article from his bio on his website.

Once again disappointed by BW Food,

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Posted by DonSkokie on 07/27/2011 at 4:12 PM

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