Double Mountain Sours 

Full disclosure: Hood River's Double Mountain Brewery is one of my all-time favorites. It has only four year-round beers but offers an intriguing collection of seasonals, including their take on Belgian sours. Brewed when the fruit is freshly harvested, they're cellared for about nine months before release. They make for a great counterpoint to IPAs, substituting tart flavors for hop bitterness. As refreshing as these three outstanding beers are, with high alcohol you can't really taste (pushing 10 percent), caution is advised.

2015 Devil's Kriek, $9-$11

Bing cherries give this one a deep garnet color topped with a pink, cotton candy head. The aromas are fairly subtle, offering hints of clove and grass. The Kriek is the most aggressively sour of the three, with tart flavors up front that tame down just a bit on the mellower finish. This is not for the neophyte sour drinker.

2015 Peche Mode, $9-$11

A crystal clear amber in the glass, it throws a thin head that leaves some lacing. There's a bit of clove on the nose, along with soft peach and dark citrus notes. You get big peach on the palate tha is lightly tart with a nice spice component. The smooth, refreshing finish plays sweet against sour.

2015 Tahoma Kriek, $9-$11

Brewed with local Rainier cherries, it pours a hazy straw with a porous head that collapses quickly. The aromas are fairly sour with just a touch of cherry, along with some spice and fresh grain. Bright lemon flavors up front with a beautiful bit of Brett, yield to reserved tangy cherry on the finish.


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