Doug Benson 

Friday, May 6 at Knitting Factory

Doug Benson, who started his career as a stand-up comic, has become somewhat of a sextuple threat. Along with doing stand-up, he co-wrote The Marijuanalogues, an off-Broadway show that ran for about a year; he created and starred in the documentary film Super High Me; he organized a Pot The Vote Tour to promote the legalization of marijuana in California. Benson regularly records two podcasts: Doug Loves Movies and The Benson Interruption--TBI briefly aired as a television show on Comedy Central but was recently cancelled. He also puts out one comedy CD each year. He's comfortable with where he is but finds it difficult to turn down an opportunity.

"I find the more I try not to add anything to my already crazy schedule, the more stuff falls in my lap that I can't say no to," Benson said. "And a sequel of sorts to Super High Me is definitely in the works."

Yes, Benson digs a doobie, but there's more to him than that. He also likes movies.

As of this writing, Doug Loves Movies, is No. 50 in iTunes top podcasts, beating out The Economist, NPR Live Concerts, New Yorker fiction, Rich Eisen's NFL Network and CBS Evening News. USA Today named DLM the No. 1 comedy podcast. When asked if those numbers reflect that he has become mainstream or that podcasts in general have, he says he's happy to be in there somewhere.

"Yeah, I think they are becoming more mainstream because people have long commutes, or long workouts, or boring jobs, so it's fun to have something to help kill the time," Benson said. "Not sure if I got into show biz to be a time killer, but hey, I'll take what I can get."

The popularity of DLM has meant that more podcast listeners are going to Benson's stand-up shows. You'll see a number of people in line for his comedy shows wearing nametags.

"Since I suggested that audience members who want to win prizes at my Doug Loves Movies podcast tapings wear nametags, people having started wearing them to all of my shows," Benson said. "And when there are a lot of nametags, then we play games from the podcast. So heads up on that, Boise!"

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