Down with Wal-Mart 

The Pride Depot has a new target: Wal-Mart.

The Boise-based gay and lesbian news and advocacy Web site has turned its attention on the Godzilla of box stores, calling for a boycott of the retail giant because of its treatment of employees.

The mistreatment of one former employee in particular has earned the ire of Web site founder Jody May-Chang.

Debbie Shank was left with severe brain damage after a car accident seven years ago. She received a sizable settlement from the trucking company that caused the accident, money her family planned to use for her long-term care.

But, thanks to the small print in her health plan with Wal-Mart, the mega-corporation sued to recoup the money it spent on her medical bills. Oh, that and interest and legal fees.

The family was left with a $470,000 bill to pay to the company, which earned a record $375 billion profit during its last fiscal year. Wal-Mart's legal team has repeatedly said it can't make an exception in Shank's case.

Activist groups are now calling for a full boycott of the company and asking the public to voice its discontent by contacting Wal-Mart headquarters.

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