Downtown News: BW's First Thursday Picks 

Taking shelter in Secrets and Lies

Watch out for cat burglars on the Secrets and Lies scavenger hunt.

Jennie Jorgensen

Watch out for cat burglars on the Secrets and Lies scavenger hunt.

This First Thursday, bid adieu to the stuffy confinement of gallery walls for a hot sec, and let your inner art lover frolic amid the outdoors. The Boise City Department of Arts and History is offering free tours of its eight new bus transit shelters, which line Main Street and promise to enhance "the experience of pedestrians and downtown bus riders ... by providing colorful, unusual artwork to mark the transit shelters, and to provide shade for anyone using them."

Tour-goers will meet on the front steps of City Hall at 4 p.m. on Thursday, July 7, for the first tour, and again at 5 p.m. for the second. Stops include Will Spearman and Melissa "Sasi" Chambers at Eighth and Idaho streets and Capitol Boulevard and Main streets; Shantara Sandberg at Ninth and Main streets; Ben Gin at Eighth and Main streets; Chad Erpelding at Idaho Street and Capitol Boulevard; April VanDeGrift at Ninth and Main streets and Eighth and Idaho streets; and Jennifer Manning-Gilbreath at Eighth and Main streets.

The tour will also visit the new city-funded mural, "Strata" by Byron Folwell on Main and Eighth streets. For more info, visit

Another way to get your outside on this First Thursday is to follow BW Media Czar Josh Gross' paper trail. Gross is publicizing his new collection of short stories, Secrets and Lies, with a scavenger hunt, featuring the story "The Curse of the Failed Novel."

"We're posting [pages] in several places around town, so you can pick up a map and follow it to go read the story," said Gross. "So it's like one page here, one page there ... At the end you've read the whole story."

"The Curse of the Failed Novel" has previously been published in Caveat-Lector and Pathos Lit Magazine and tells the tale of a man who loses friends and lovers each time he gifts them his book. You can pick up Gross' scavenger hunt map at the Flying M Coffeehouse.

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