Dr. Science Mouse Cat Toy 

Recently, someone casually asked, "I know what to get a dog for Christmas, but what would you get for a cat?"

"Nothing," I replied in all seriousness. "It's a cat."

Before you cat lovers get your fur up, it's not because cats are less deserving than their canine counterparts. It's because cats don't care. They are just as happy pawing at a piece of thread dangling from your sweater or jumping in and out of a paper grocery bag as they are batting around a $30 plastic toy made in China. However, if your feline takes to catnip like a hippie to hemp, it's worth it to plop down the suggested retail price of $8.99 for the locally made, well-constructed, mostly claw-proof Dr. Science Mouse just to watch kitty wriggle and writhe across the living room floor.

Made with "supreme organic catnip" grown on Lil Bobcat Farm in Garden Valley, the bag is extra attractive to cats because the catnip go to seed. Once it has gone to seed, the essential oils are released.

Between the oils, the tough industrial-hemp bag--which is sewn three times for added strength--and the embroidered face of Dr. Science Mouse himself, if you are looking to buy your catnip-happy kitty a gift for this holiday season, the Dr. Science Mouse catnip toy will be as much fun for you as it is for your feline. And face it, your cat doesn't really care anyway.

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