Dresses, Feb. 10, Shredder 

Bodies swinging below

There will be little shredding at Shredder Monday, Feb. 10, when Dresses take the stage. Melodically, vocally and lyrically, this Portland, Ore.-based duo of boyfriend and girlfriend Jared Ryan Maldonado and Timothy Heller, respectively--yes, Timothy is a woman--definitely skews sweet. For example, "Blew My Mind," off Dresses' latest release, Sun Shy (Side One Dummy, October 2013), is a quirky little ditty with an equally outre video: Heller and Maldonado are trapped in the roof of a cabin, their bodies swinging below while Maldonado plays guitar, their heads sticking out of the roof while, in her breathy, charming, cotton-candy voice, Heller sings, "You blew my mind when we were swinging in a dream / You said, 'Watch me I'll swing so high I'll be stuck up in the trees' / And so ya did." The video ends with the two of them in a forest, playfully trying to get the fabric from a grounded hot-air balloon untangled from a tree. It's precious in the best way.

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