Dumpster Diving Leads to Drug-possession Arrest 

Cops on patrol at about 3 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 10, don't like what they see: two men rummaging around behind a closed business on the 500 block of South Vista. As officers watch, the men carry items to a nearby apartment complex.

Backup is called. Cops swoop in. One of the suspects tries to hide in the apartment complex. Further investigation reveals the two were merely trying to help the business reduce its haul of refuse to the county dump. Like they say, one man's trash is another's treasure.

The adventure might have ended there except for the fact that one of the suspects left a glass pipe in plain view in his car. A K-9 cop is called to the scene. He sniffs. Alerts. Officers recover glass pipes, scales, syringes and other paraphernalia that test positive for meth residue, according to police reports.

And so, one of the dumpster divers--a 44-year-old Boise man--is now facing a felony controlled-substance possession, along with two misdemeanors: possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct.

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