This free app makes learning languages a snap


Speaking only one language can be limiting. It may cause anxiety about traveling abroad; it can hinder getting a job promotion or, in some cases, even getting a job.

What's worse, becoming fluent in a non-native tongue can become more difficult with each passing jaar (year); it can be time-consuming, frustrating and boring; and language software and classes are often prohibitively expensive. No te preocupes (Don't worry). Duolingo makes learning more than a dozen languages easy and entertaining—and it's gratis (free).

Duolingo is a simple app and website created by Carnegie Mellon computer-science professor Luis von Ahn (who also created the human-detection system CAPTCHA).

Duolingo currently offers courses in a dozen languages for English speakers and American English courses for speakers of nearly 20 languages, and it's more like a videogame than traditional language-learning software: Users earn badges, virtual currency and XP for completing desafios (challenges), with successes signaled by a cheery, encouraging horn blast.

Duolingo is nearly as verslavend (addictive) as any match-three cluiche (game) and unlike with Candy Crush, Duolingo users walk away with valuable real-world znannya (knowledge).


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