Earth Day, Cars and Cigars 

It seems that Earth Day went virtually unnoticed, and unobserved, by most Americans including me. As with most, I read about Earth Day and all the events but chose not to participate. No riding my bike to work that day, no compost pile started, and I even bagged my leaves from spring cleanup in plastic bags destined for the landfill that I know is close to overflowing. It was very much like my response the Great American Smoke Out Day.

One thing did get me thinking about the environment and it was money. The price of gas to be more specific. I've been looking around for a more fuel efficient vehicle lately. Maybe a 4 cylinder, with a small footprint, that would actually fit into one of those parking spots marked compact only, when you can read it from under the overlapping Hummers and Navigators.

I was also interested in one of them there new fangeld hybrids that are the darling of the environmentally minded, over paid people these days. Man those things are expensive. And how did they get name "hybrid" anyway. With a little research I discovered that they are all gasoline only vehicles with a few high tech tricks and batteries to extend their range and gas mileage. No gasoline, no go. A hybrid is defined as a crossbreed. None of the current hybrids match that definition. They run on gasoline. With the addition off a few more batteries and and a place to plug it in for a quick recharge, a true hybrid would run on electricity only for most trips around town, using gasoline only to extend it's range only when needed. You can check it out at this website, that i found out about while listening to NPR,

Until I can afford one of these new fangled, so called, hybrid cars I'll just keep doing my little part for the environment and assist in recycling by buying a used car (or previously owned if I want to spend a little more). It will also be good for the local economy. Keeping my mechanic, $250 Bob in the green (how much for a water pump Bob? $250, how much for a fuel pump Bob? $250. My car is running rough, Bob, how much if I drive by your shop real slow so you can hear it and tell me what's wrong as you show up late? $250). And it will help in keeping the used car salesman badly clothed (golfing pants from the thrift store, torn jeans, body piercings, home done tats and a guy in a three piece Italian suit that cost more than than the car I was looking at are a few I've met so far).

Maybe it is time to listen to to those tree huggers, fix up my old ten speed, fire up the Ipod, and light up a cigar for the ride to work.

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