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As Winter Storm Juno closed in on the East Coast late last month, Boise Weekly was curious about what conditions looked like on the ground in New York City.

A search of "New York Webcams" turned up a website called EarthCam and while we watched the snow pile up from a camera installed on the awning of the Mulberry Street Cigar Shop in Little Italy, it became apparent that the comings and goings of the locals were much more interesting than the snow.

Admittedly, we became a little obsessed with spying on passersby—from old Italian guys muttering to each other as they picked through the drifts, to excited kids cut loose from school.

Snowmaggedon 2015 didn't materialize in NYC, but we kept watching, keeping the Mulberry Street feed going in the background. After a while, the browser window started to feel a little like an actual window, open to a street 2,468 miles from BWHQ.

New York isn't the only location on the EarthCam Network. You can watch the sky change over Washington D.C. from the top of the Washington Monument, see the mist rise above Niagara Falls, check the surf at Poipu Beach or peep the intersection of Main and Catawba streets in Belmont, N.C. EarthCam also features feeds from places like Speyer Cathedral, in Germany; the coast of Cadiz, Spain; Australia's Sydney Harbour; downtown Bangkok; and the Dubai skyline.

Users can bookmark their favorite cams, browse the Editor's Choices and submit feeds to the Hall of Fame.

Sure, it's kind of creepy to be an eye in the sky, but it's also strangely alluring. Don't believe us? Take a look at the Wedding Chapel cam in Las Vegas. It puts the "reality" in reality TV.

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