Eastern Idaho: Darn that fetching Contrasepshun! 

According to news reports coming out of eastern Idaho, county commissioners in Bonneville and Jefferson counties have outlawed the distribution of emergency contraception, also known as the "morning after" pill, through district health departments. They are the only counties in Idaho to have banned the drug so far--although some grocery pharmacies, specifically Wal-Mart, refuse to carry the drug at all, so eastern Idahoans have probably responded to the ruling with, "You mean it was available in the first place?"

Some other interesting tidbits about Bonneville and Jefferson: According to 2002 census information, Bonneville County has 84,000 residents, not a single one of which checked "black" on their census form (seriously!). In tiny Jefferson County, home to 18,421 people, Latter-day Saints adherents make up 75 percent of the population alone. Not that any of this matters to contraception; we just wanted to let those of you who think the term "Idaho" refers only to moderately diverse, progressive-friendly Boise and Sun Valley ... it doesn't.

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