Edible Idaho, BW Card Update and 'Da Birds and 'Da Bees 

Edible Idaho Returns

I know I wasn't the only one who noticed when Edible Idahowent missing from Boise State Radio's programming schedule last fall. Created and hosted by Guy Hand, whose byline you might recognize from restaurant reviews in Scene, Edible Idaho always hovered at the front of the pack, right on the edge of what was about to be the next big discussion in food. In his own words, Hand describes Edible Idaho as a look at "Idaho's surprising diversity of local foods and the people who produce it." From the ethics of mega dairies to the origins of Idaho's ubiquitous fingersteak to boutique chocolate in North Idaho, Edible Idaho covered food from farm to the table--warts and all, as is the case with Hand's most compelling work.

Next week, Edible Idaho returns to Boise State Radio thanks to funding from Boise Co-op. Tune in to KBSX 91.5 FM on Tuesday, Sept. 8, during Morning Edition and All Things Considered for the new installment. Get primed for the return by revisiting some of Hand's previous Edible Idaho work at nwfoodnews.com, one of Hand's most recent projects with a focus on regional food news.

The Birds and the Bees

A few months back, BWstaff writer Tara Morgan took on the trend of urban chicken raising in a main feature story for BW, and just for good measure, Morgan threw in a glimpse at urban bee keeping as well. We got such good feedback on Morgan's story, I have no doubt readers will find a series of workshops in the same vain of interest. Boise Urban Garden School and the Treasure Valley Food Coalition in conjunction with several other organizations are hosting two workshops in September for those who want to try their hand at a little urban critter raising. The first of the Backyard Farmer workshops is Beekeeping Basics on Saturday, Sept. 12, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. The class will cover the very basics: equipment, city code, how to be successful at colony keeping and, perhaps most importantly, exactly how to catch a swarm. Two weeks later, on Saturday, Sept. 26, the talk turns to building chicken coops. If the hundreds of people in Boise already raising chickens are any indication of the hobby's popularity, these workshops will fill fast. Registration is not required, but if it were me, I'd call and put my name on a list. For information, call 360-393-8443 or 208-908-2551.

BW Card Adds New Restaurants

Every time I mention the BW Card in Food News, the boss lady doubles my salary for the week and mama needs new tires on the old car, so here we go ...

Kidding, kidding. Honestly I mention the BW Card because I use it constantly (just ask the folks at Willi B's who feed me lunch on it a few times a week), and I've sold almost everyone I know on it. Who doesn't want to save 40 percent on food? Since I last wrote about it, we've added a few new restaurants and, finally, one that's within walking distance of my house.

A few weeks back, the Tavern Wine Market in Bown Crossing came on to the card as did the Green Chile on State Street. I'd never even heard of the Green Chile until it was a BW Card member, and it's my job to know these things. If you check it out, report back. The two newest additions are Pizzalchik on State Street and Gary Lane, and Bungalow in the North End. And within the next week or two, we plan to add another downtown deli. I won't say exactly which one until the deal is sealed, but here's your hint: I'll be using my BW Card to get the Ba Da Bing.

Visit boiseweekly.com and click on the BW Card button for the full list of participating restaurants or to get your card.

This Week's Wine and Dine

The annual City Harvest Celebration with a spread of local food from all local restaurateurs is Saturday, Sept. 5, 5-9 p.m. See the Picks on Page 15 for full details or visit sccidaho.org to purchase tickets. Kids $10, adults $20.

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