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Bill Cope, Novelist

It never fails; at least once a month someone calls or emails, asking/suggesting/demanding Bill Cope write a book. Sure, Bill has plenty of people who think his 1,000 words a week in print (and probably 2,000 words online) are more than enough. Too many, in fact. But they are vastly outnumbered by those who can't seem to get enough of Boise Weekly's longtime resident curmudgeon.

He won't admit it, but Bill Cope is the closest thing we have to a celebrity around BWHQ. Whenever staffers attend an event, man a booth somewhere or go to a cocktail party, it's guaranteed that at least one person will ask, "Do you know Bill Cope? What's Bill Cope like?"

Here's a little of what Bill Cope is like: He sometimes brings his column to the office on a 3-by-5 computer disc. There's a disc drive attached to my computer that exists solely for Bill Cope. I don't even know where he buys those discs--they're the only ones I've seen since Bill Clinton was president.

On those days, when Bill hand delivers his column, we sit and talk for a few minutes in my office. Almost always, the conversation includes some mild bitching about technology (I share a sizable measure of his luddism); some fairly strong bitching about politics, seasoned with a denunciation or two of "kids these days" (though I'm sure Bill silently includes me among the "kids"); and, finally, an update about his book.

Yes, you read that right, Cope has written a book. Cope has been writing a book for a long time--as you'll read on Page 5--and Cope has finished his book.

I don't want to steal any of his thunder, so I'll limit myself to congratulating him on what I know has been a heavy labor of love and a great accomplishment after years of work.

I echo his call to buy the book. For Cope lovers, enjoy the wit, heart and humor that have made him a mainstay of BW for about 20 years; for Cope haters, sup sweet rage from your enlarged amygdala as you realize you're actually enjoying Bill Cope's writing. Either way, we couldn't be happier for Cope that he's accomplished his goal and can add "novelist" to his list of bona fides.

Congratulate him yourself at an exceedingly rare public appearance, July 16, 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Boise Brewing, located at 521 W. Broad St.

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