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There are some stories that reporters write because they want to, some they write because they have to and, every so often, stories they feel they need to write. On Aug. 26, when the search for 21-year-old University of Montana student Lucius Robbi was in full swing, Boise Weekly staff writer Jessica Murri bounded into my office and told me she wanted to drive to Stanley to embed herself with Robbi's searchers.

Murri couldn't stop following news of his disappearance, both in the media and through the Finding Lucius Facebook group. That morning, she told me, her own car, which bore a passing resemblance to Robbi's--complete with kayaks on the roof--had been reported to Boise Police as possibly belonging to the young man.

She said she needed to be there to know how the search was really progressing--she felt a connection with Robbi and his community, herself a 23-year-old kayaker and former U of M student.

Of course I told her to go, and after spending the better part of a day and night with the search party in Stanley, Murri returned with a gripping story about friends and, in a few cases, complete strangers dropping everything to scour the backcountry for a kid who, by all accounts, was among the best of us.

By now we all know the tragic ending of the story, but Murri's telling of the last days of the search reveal much about the nature of friendship, the daunting effort that goes into finding a missing person and, ultimately, the fragility of life.

Find her report on Page 11.

Elsewhere in this week's paper, BW News Editor George Prentice lifts the lid on a few big stories: first, on Page 8, that the City Center Plaza project in downtown Boise has hit a major roadblock after a district judge ruled its funding structure violated the Idaho Constitution. Also on Page 8, Prentice takes a look at some of the big changes possibly headed for daycare facilities in Boise, and, on Page 9, digs into the numbers behind the painful gap between a livable wage and actual wages in Idaho.

Finally, a BW update: Boise Weekly, while still unavailable at Jackson's and Stinker stores, will now be on hand at all seven Fred Meyer stores across the Treasure Valley. We're still weighing how/when we might return to Jackson's/Stinker, but, in the meantime, look for us at Freddy's.

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