Eilen Jewell, May 29, Grizzly Rose 

Every time Eilen Jewell releases a new album, she puts everything she has into it. And with each release, more people get more out of it.

"With each one, we make a little more headway," Jewell said. "We get great audience response even in places we've never played."

That response is certainly due to Jewell's breathy, soulfully emotional vocals. For her latest release, Sea of Tears, she and her band of troubadours stepped outside of their Americana folk sound and found inspiration in The Kinks, The Zombies, The Rolling Stones and The Animals.

"[The music has] traces of that British invasion, early rock and roll sound," Jewell said. It's the music she's been listening to for a while and it's where her heart has been. Jewell's inspirations are most prevalent in songs like the title track, a melancholy ditty that transports the listener to a worn leather booth in a smoky, boozy '60s lounge. Or "I'm Gonna Dress In Black," a song that would have blended right into a groove on a Question Mark & the Mysterians album. But even though she pays homage to the great rock of the '60s, Jewell--along with her bandmates Jason Beek, Jerry Miller and John Sciascia--never loses her signature folk sound completely.

"We're still country/folk," Jewell said. "We're classic American misfits."

--Amy Atkins

8 p.m., $14 adv. at The Record Exchange, $15 door. Grizzly Rose, 1124 W. Front St. This is a non-smoking show.

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