E.J. Pettinger's Slow By Slow T-shirts 

$20, Slow By Slow Coffee Bar

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Harrison Berry

E.J. Pettinger's style is somewhere between a 1940s ad campaign and a man-on-the-street sketch. It's slyly ironic, which is why for years, his cartoon Mild Abandon has been a favorite of Boise Weekly readers and staff alike. We surmise that a few of those readers work at Slow By Slow Coffee Bar, which rolled out its official E.J. Pettinger-designed t-shirts the week of Sept. 18. Like Pettinger's strip, these slick Ts sport his incisive sense of humor. Beneath a sketch of a coffee-drinking 80s housewife, complete with a vest and short haircut, there's one of his trademark roasts, this time of coffee pretentiousness: "Full-coffeeied, with bright coffeeity and notes of coffee and coffee." Each T runs $20 and comes in every cafeista's favorite color, beige.


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