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Re: “Sushi Ya

We tried Sushi-Ya on New Years Eve and could not be more pleased. The kids both had great dinners of crispy chicken and a nice bento box, and we both had the all you could eat sushi. Unlike some all you can eat places with a limited menu of the basics, Sushi-Ya has a pretty diverse menu of nagiri as well as a extensive assortment of specialty rolls. The service was great, our orders came out fast, and the staff were all very nice. The decor is a bit lacking, but we dont go out to eat to look at the walls, so thats not an issue for us. We will be going back again soon.

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Posted by El Conquistador on 12/31/2010 at 8:00 PM

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Re: “Stand Our Ground

I have to agree, Owyhee, the Basque food is the best. And just to clarify, if your ready to contact all of them thats great, but I'm not after all the advertisers at BW. I just wanted to let the folks that advertise on "Bill's page" know what they represent, and as long as they are on "his page" they will not see any of our money. I've got no problem with BW, other than they continue to print his waste of space.

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Posted by El Conquistador on 03/18/2013 at 10:42 PM

Re: “Stand Our Ground

I must say Cope, you continue to amaze me. Every time I think there's no possible way you could be a more arrogant, ill-informed, condescending, self-important douchebag, you go ahead and prove me wrong. How dare those ignorant (anyone who dares to think in any way different than you) hillbillies (the majority in the state you choose to live in) dare to express an opinion by exercising their right to assemble! How deplorable that the media didn’t go out and find someone with the opposite opinion to interview, even though the cameras were right there for anyone to talk to. Perhaps at the next diversity march, you should invite some skinheads and make sure they get their say? At the next Christmas carol gathering at the Capitol, you could have some Satanists drop by to sing a few "Beelzebub" songs. Or YOU could go in person to protest at a Mensa meeting! (You see what I did there Bill, I'm insinuating that you would be the exact opposite of the Mensa members. Get it? I know I'm not talkin like dis, sos I wunt to be sur ya understan)
Interesting too that your make note that there were WOMEN at that very demonstration carrying firearms as well. How dare they consider being legally prepared to defend themselves, when all they would need when that rapist or intruder is entering their very home is to get you on the phone, so you could explain to said rapist/intruder that they are not being a good citizen. It may take several explanations if in fact there is more than one intruder, as is often the case, so you should probably have unlimited minutes on your phone if you don't already.
Its also great that you've brought up forward thinking states like Colorado. You see, that state has elected officials that mirror the thinking of the majority of the populous, and those officials make laws that they think the people want and will get them re-elected. Our state has the very same system Bill, we elect people that agree with the majority. You may find it interesting that though I do own firearms, I don't vote party lines, I'll bet you do though don’t you? I've been to Colorado, very much the same landscape as Idaho. You should think about checking it out. I'm sure once they hear about your superior intellect and how you've suffered here they will welcome you with open arms.
I do have to admit though, I like your idea of protesting through not patronizing establishments that support a cause that you don't care for. Like for instance, the good folks that advertise on the page containing your weekly load of horse apples (that what we hillbillies like to call "writing" or "journalism" like yours). Businesses like Casanova Pizzeria WWW.CASANOVAPIZZERIA.COM 331-3535, or Grifols Biomat USA WWW.biomatUSA.grifols.com 338-8417, or even Allan's automotive 345-3421. These are businesses I will be calling to let them know as long as they advertise on YOUR page, I will not frequent their establishment. I would think that all likeminded people in the area might want to do the same. Heck Bill, I might even contact the very paper your printed in as well. I would imagine that even some of those forward thinking folks are getting tired of your shit.

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Posted by El Conquistador on 03/17/2013 at 11:21 PM

Re: “Repeal the Second!

It really doesn't matter if I'm pro or anti, I just can't help but wonder about the numbers that are thrown around. I find it constantly amusing that people with an obvious agenda from both sides make wild statements with wilder statistics, it bothers me though when those people are journalists.

I wonder if Bill is actually using Wikipedia as a legitimate reference, because thats the only place I could find his 30,000 gun death rate. Interesting to note that its a statistic from 2007, and of the 31,224 firearm-related deaths, 17,352 (55.6%) were suicides. I have to think that if those people didn't have guns, they might have found a rope/razor/pill bottle. I wonder too how Bill feels about a persons right to end their life if they see fit to do so.

A more legitimate and current statistic would be from our own FBI, who states that in 2011, there were 12,664 murders. Of those 8,583 were from firearms, and 6,220 were from handguns. Only 323 were from rifles, which includes the AR with high capacity magazines that as noted above, everyone is scrambling to buy. Also interesting is that murder rates have dropped from 14,916 in 2007 (the same year Wiki states 30,000) to 12,664 in 2011.

There is no denying that gun deaths in any manner are heinous, and I personally don't think our existing punishments are harsh enough for these killers, but humans have been killing each other with the most efficiant means available since we could huck a rock. If we don't have guns we will have better arrows, or knives, or rocks.

If I handed most anyone that reads this $500 in cash and asked you to find some illegal drugs in the week, and you were really motivated to do so, I think most everyone could do it. And we spend billions a year to keep drugs out of our country. I'm just not sure at this point making new laws is going to correct anything.

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Posted by El Conquistador on 01/09/2013 at 7:10 PM

Re: “The Treasure Valley Weekly Post

OK damnit, I heard about the change and couldnt get my hands on a copy, so I read it online. I cant believe you freaking people! I have been reading the BW forever, and was going to call to place an add for my new plumbing business, but that thought was gone when I heard about the change. I could feel my anger rising with each line I read...... untill I got to the part about "RC Willy" and the celebrity thing. Then I finally had the sense to check the date of the front page. As one who had played many a succesfull April fools joke, my hat is off to you, you got me good. Now please never do that again. Thanks for the rush, Will McCaw Meridian

Posted by William McCaw on 04/05/2009 at 8:49 PM

Re: “Let's Kill Duncan

Dear Bill, I too question the death penalty sometimes, as there is the possibility of executing the wrong person, but ONLY for that reason. In Duncans case, we have him filming himself doing it, the girl saying "THATS THE GUY", and his own confession. Nuf said. I think execution could be a deterant to other criminals IF it were made public and was brutal enough. So here is what I would recommend: Five geared down tractors with a length of chain attached to each. Each end would then be SCREWED to each hand, foot, and the genetals so that it would not come loose. Above Duncan would be a system rapidly dripping a caustic, painfull liquid of some sort. Then start each tractor into a very slow idle and let them slowly pull him apart while the liquid drips into his face and wounds. And when I say "geared down" and "slowly" I mean an inch at a time, over a period of several hours, perhaps even a day. If he were to pass out from the pain the tractors should be stopped untill he could be revived and then started up again. And this should not occur after years and years of appeals, it should be right after sentancing. He is stone cold guilty, whats to appeal? I think if we made such an execution open to the public it MIGHT make the NEXT worthless scumbag piece of human trash breathing our air think twice if he knew he wouldnt be resting for the next twenty years of appeals till he got his painless shot in the end. Thats it. You should know that I'm not a particularly violent person. Many would probably call me a hippie type back in the day, and now I'm just a responsable family man. But as a Dad, husband, and regular resonably sane member of our community, I am physically sickened by the acts of people like Duncan. I cant even watch the news when they describe what he did without getting choked up. So I WOULD start the tractors myself, I WOULD open the valve on the liquid, and I WOULD try to watch till the end. I cant say that I would be proud to do any of it, but I think it needs to be done.And if nobody wants to step up to do the things that need to be done to TRY to prevent things like this to continue to occur, then we shouldnt be suprised when they do. William McCaw

Posted by William McCaw on 09/23/2008 at 8:41 PM

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