Election Night 2012: The Tweet Heard Round the World 

Barack Obama's acceptance tweet has already beaten all Twitter records, says TechRadar.

According to TechRadar:

"Obama, whose campaign has harnessed social media extremely effectively since he became a presidential candidate in 2008, has amassed a whopping 22 million followers on Twitter.

The record-breaking proclamation of victory came towards the close of a frenetic election night on Twitter, which will likely break records for posts and activity. However, not all of the Twitter-based news was positive. The Apprentice host Donald Trump (himself, fleetingly, a republican presidential hopeful) caused a furore with a barrage of explosive tweets.

"Lets fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us," he tweeted from his @realDonaldTrump account, which has 1.3 million followers."


Republican candidate Mitt Romney meanwhile offered a gracious concession speech, saying he had already called Obama to offer his congratulations. The Republican candidate also told supporters America is at a "critical point" and "at a time like this, we can't risk partisan bickering and political posturing," adding, "our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work."

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