Election Night 2012 Through Social Media; The Virtual World Weighs In 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ... the world of social media embraced the 2012 US Election

If some call JFK the first presidential candidate to master the televised debate, will we say the same thing about President Barack Obama's mastery of social media in a few years?


After all, it appears Obama's photo of himself hugging wife Michelle, sent out on Twitter shortly after it became obvious he was headed to victory Tuesday night, is now the most popular tweet of all time.

It simply said, "Four more years."

The simple, heartfelt image, and timing that showed a brash side to the president we perhaps haven't seen, made it so popular.

He sent the tweet at 11:16 p.m., earlier than you'd expect a president to start celebrating the win.

As of Wednesday afternoon on the East Coast of the US, the tweet had been shared almost 700,000 times.

More than 240,000 Twitter users tagged the message as their favorite.

On Facebook, the photo had nearly 3.5 million likes and more than 450,000 shares.

That eclipsed the previous record, a wedding photo of Mark Zuckerberg sent in May that has just 92,000 likes.

Here's what else the Internet had to say about Obama's win over Mitt Romney.

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