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Idaho primary election draws scant interest

If elected lieutenant governor, Joshua Blessinger will spend the nine months of the year he is not presiding over the state Senate "taking underprivileged children fishing and especially visiting high schools." And Steve Pankey would use the position to create an oversight committee for Idaho's Appellate Public Defender Office.

"The Idaho Judicial Counsel is an old-boy club that rubber stamps arbitrary judicial decisions leading to taxpayer-supported appeals. The Idaho State Bar rarely takes action against incompetent and/or corrupt attorneys--also leading to taxpayer supported appeals," Pankey wrote in response to an informed question at Electionland.

Incumbent Lt. Gov. Brad Little, who was reportedly branding and castrating cattle with Gov. C. L. "Butch" Otter when Otter took ill with a bit of the heat fatigue, has not checked in with BW Electionland yet, and it's almost too late.

Electionland is Boise Weekly's online voter guide for the Tuesday, May 25, primary. Readers have one more week to post questions to federal, statewide and Ada County Commission candidates, as the election date is quickly approaching.

Sure, we are paid the big bucks to ask the tough questions, but sometimes you readers have legit queries as well. Like the reader who wants to know if the six Republican candidates for governor support amending the Idaho Human Rights Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Or the informed and probing reader who asked Ada County Commission candidates for their vision of the ideal relationship between the county and its constituent cities. Wait. That was me.

And this is what county commission candidate Roger Simmons had to say: "The one thing I stressed most often to my fellow county elected officials during my previous 10 years in office was that the citizens who live inside the incorporated city limits of Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Meridian, Kuna and Star are also Ada County residents, but perhaps more importantly, they are also Ada County taxpayers. Too often county officials tend to lose sight of that fact."

Incumbent Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre has not yet responded.

In the First Congressional District, the five Republicans sparring to take on Democrat Walt Minnick have narrowed to three, only one of whom has responded to questions. Harley Brown came into BWHQ for Electionland lessons and graced the entire office with a lesson on napalm as he pecked away in all caps.

To the question, how do your Republican values compare with Minnick's, Brown responded: WALT MINNICK VOTED FOR ... NANCY [ COMMIE ] PELOSI AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE ... I AM NOT LIKE THIS UNPATRIOTIC PERSON NAMED WALT MINNICK ... TO MINNICK : I HOPE YOU READ THIS, "COMRADE"! [sic]

Which makes Raul Labrador and Vaughn Ward--two men who are no strangers to political hyperbole--pretty much speechless, as indicated by their lack of responses on Electionland.

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