Ember Ceramic 'Smart' Mug 

The media loves to wade into the coffee vs. tea debate, but we don't give nearly as much press to the equally passionate throwdown on temperature: Some like to drink their morning brews scalding, others want them hot but not too hot, and a final group, terrified of burnt tongues, opts for simply warm. The Ember Ceramic Mug is a "smart" mug made for those seriously finicky drinkers. Using only a Bluetooth connection and a smartphone app, Ember can control the exact temperature of beverages. The mug can stay hot (or warm, or hot-ish) indefinitely thanks to a charging saucer, or keep drinks at a particular Goldilocks temperature off-charger for up to an hour before running out of battery. Offered in white, black or copper, this might be the mug of the future. On the downside, innovation doesn't come cheap—the ceramic mugs cost roughly $80 each, with a price hike to $130 for the glitzy copper finish.

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