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How to make something with what you're holding in your hands

How to make something with what you're holding in your hands

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If Christmas Eve finds you browsing the picked-over aisles of Walgreens, debating between a Bart Simpson Chia Pet or an As Seen on TV onion chopper for your little sister, you, dear friend, are a procrastinator.

Well, fret not. This year, BW's got your idle back. We combed craft blogs for three clever ways you can quickly whip up a batch of Christmas presents for your loved ones using little more than the newspaper you're currently clutching in your hands.

Newspaper Bird Ornament or Gift Tag

click to enlarge ADAM ROSENLUND

We snagged this simple idea from craft blog The Vintage Wren, which requires only newspaper, scissors, a piece of cardboard, a hole-puncher, embroidery floss and a needle. Now you, too, can put a bird on it. For more info and step-by-step pictures, visit bit.ly/w0Kjtx.

Step 1: Trace a bird design template on a piece of cardboard or cereal box. Cut it out.

Step 2: Fold a page of the Boise Weekly in half. Trace a bird template using a pencil and cut out.

Step 3: Thread your needle with thick floss and tie a knot in the end. Sew the two matching bird patterns together using a running stitch, but leave an opening for stuffing.

Step 4: Shred newspaper and stuff it inside the bird. Finish sewing closed and tie with a knot.

Step 5: Punch a hole in the top and use more thread to attach a loop for hanging on the tree or fastening to a gift.

Newspaper Yarn

click to enlarge ADAM ROSENLUND

If you have a little more time on your hands--or just need something to do absentmindedly while you nurse your 'nog--why not turn the Boise Weekly into a spool of yarn? According to greenupgrader.com, handspun newspaper yarn has slightly less strength than wool yarn, but when wound tightly, it can be used to knit or crochet into any number of household items--including place mats, rugs or even throw blankets. For more info and step-by-step pictures, visit bit.ly/2miOLK.

Step 1: Take a sheet of the Boise Weekly, fold it into fourths and cut into half-inch strips.

Step 2: Twist the first strip tightly with your fingers and fasten to the base of a large spindle.

Step 3: Using the spindle, continue twisting the paper in the same direction. When you get within 4 inches of the end, lay the end of another strip of paper on top of the first strip and continue twisting.

Step 4: Repeat. Refill 'nog. Repeat.

Newspaper Seed Bombs

click to enlarge ADAM ROSENLUND

Blogger Mademoiselle Chaos of Para Noire Design, mademoisellechaos.blogspot.com, has a recipe for turning old newspaper scraps into sling-shot-able seed bombs. All you need is a packet of native plant seeds, newspaper, water, a blender, a strainer, a scrap of cloth and an ice cube tray or mold. For more info and step-by-step pictures, visit bit.ly/aLn3EF.

Step 1: Place shredded newspaper and warm water into a blender. Blend into an thick pulp.

Step 2: Add approximately 1 teaspoon of seeds per sheet of the Boise Weekly and mix with your hands.

Step 3: Place mixture in a strainer lined with a piece of cloth or a dishtowel. Squeeze to remove as much excess water as possible.

Step 4: Press balls of the seed mixture pulp into ice cube tray molds or roll into a ball.

Step 5: Let seed bombs dry in cool, dry spot so seeds don't sprout right away.

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