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When word came out last week that Boise Mayor Dave Bieter's campaign manager Ryan Hill was the leading candidate for the new intergovernmental liaison position in the mayor's office, whispers of political payback emerged.

Now Hill says he doesn't want the job.

"As some of you may have heard, I may have an opportunity with the city. Flattering as that may be, it's just not in the cards—at least not anytime soon. The wheels of bureaucracy grind slowly and, at times, finely. I can wait for neither," Hill said in an e-mail sent out to various city employees and political players.

Hill had been identified as a job candidate by the Idaho Statesman last week. This week the paper pulled back on its assertion.

In an interview with BW, Hill said he had expressed interest in the job to Bieter, but when he learned that it could take months for the position to be filled, he withdrew his name from consideration.

"I wish I was in a position where I could wait until January, February, March, when they could actually fill it," Hill said. "I've got a dog that needs to be fed."

Instead, Hill is set to join with one of the many 2008 political campaigns.

"There's a lot of stuff [going on]," he said. "For better or worse, campaigns have to start earlier and earlier."

That means the city is still in the hunt for someone to fill the position created earlier this year when Steve Purvis retired. Purvis served half his time as intergovernmental liaison and the other half in the city auditor's office. During the budgeting process, the City Council broke the position into two jobs in an effort to speed up the city auditing rotation, according to Bieter's spokesman Michael Zuzel.

At the same time, the split means there's one person devoted to working with other governmental agencies, rather than depending on the part-time city councilors.

"Boise is a growing city with more need for interagency discussions throughout the year," Zuzel said.

Several other candidates have put their names in the ring for the liaison position, Zuzel said. Whoever eventually fills the job will be taking home between $55,000 and $57,000 per year. <

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