Eric John Kaiser, Jan. 21, Vine Wine Shop 

The great chanteurs of the 20th century—French singers like Jacques Brel and Serge Gainsbourg—trafficked in smoky, jazz-influenced pop dripping with an inimitable Gallic sense of world weariness. While Eric John Kaiser's honeyed voice traipses through the "language of love" like the best of them, his style is distinctly western—and we don't mean Western European.

Born in Paris, Kaiser eventually settled in Portland, Ore., although "settled" probably isn't the right word. The singer-songwriter covers nearly 10,000 miles per year touring all of North America. During his travels, Kaiser has soaked up an Americana style evoking the lonely expanses of the Midwest, rocking sounds of the South and contemplative style of his adopted Pacific Northwest home.

Touring behind his September 2016 self-released Made in Gaspesie (which he recorded in Quebec), Kaiser returns to La Ville des Arbres for an intimate show sure to be magnifique.

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