Ethnic Table 

A photo tour of some of the Treasure Valley's ethnic food offerings

Treasure Valley's Ethnic Table

Laurie Pearman

Treasure Valley's Ethnic Table

1. Dim Sum: Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce, Sesame Seed Balls and Shrimp Har Gow (Yen Ching, see Page 32.)

2. Tandoori Chicken (Taj Mahal, see Page 32.)

3. De Poulet Crepe (The Creperie, see Page 40.)

4. Arugula Porchetta Pizza (Tony's Pizzeria Teatro, see Page 32.)

5. Fruit Tart (La Vie en Rose, see Page 28.)

6. Orange Passion Fruit Hawaiian Sun (Shaka Shack, see Page 36.)

7. Pad Se-Ew with Tofu (Chiang Mai Thai, see Page 32.)

8. Chicken Piccata (Gino's, see Page 41.)

9. Menudo (El Rinconcito, see Page 44.)

10. Pho (Pho Tam, see Page 40.)

11. Paella (Basque Market, see Page 24.)

12. Gyro Deluxe (Gyro Shack, see Page 32.)

13. Tableside Guacamole (El Gallo Giro, see Page 41.)

14. Especial de Javier (Andrade's, see Page 32.)

15. Davinci's Pesto Fondue (Mona Lisa, see Page 44.)

16. Kalua Pork Plate Lunch (Ono Hawaiian Cafe, see Page 36.)

17. Croquettas (Bar Gernika, see Page 24.)

18. Goi Cuon - Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Pho 79, see Page 38.)

19. Goulash (Bosnia Express, see Page 32.)

20. Lomi Lomi Salmon (CK's Hawaiian BBQ, see Page 40.)

21. Mango Lassi (Bombay, see Page 24.)

22. Ham and Havarti Croissant (Le Cafe de Paris, see Page 28.)

23. Borscht (Cafe Russian Bear, see Page 40.)

24. Sushi Assortment (Ahi Sushi, see Page 40.)

25. Falafel (Ishtar, see Page 34.)

26. Dac Biet (Baguette Deli, see Page 24.)

27. Tofu Bento Bowl (Zen Bento, see Page 32.)

28. Seaweed Salad (Yoi Tomo, see Page 32.)

29. Bangers and Mash (Ha' Penny Irish Pub, see Page 28.)

30. Chicken Kabobs with Dolmades and Tabouli Salad (Mazzah, see Page 38.)

31. Garlic Naan (Madhuban, see Page 38.)

32. Potato Pierogies (Tres Bonne Cuisine, see Page 34.)

33. Green Curry (Siam Thai, see Page 38.)

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