Eviction Conviction: Upcoming Meeting to Take Action on Housing, Renter Issues 

As the City of Trees blooms with new buildings and ambitious construction projects, a contingent of Boiseans who rent, rather than own, their homes have started to ask themselves: "What about us?"

"In the past three or four years, we've seen a growing need among tenants because of the lack of affordable housing," said Zoe Ann Olson, executive director of the Intermountain Fair Housing Council. "When housing is scarce and rents are unaffordable, and wages haven't kept up with rents that are being charged, we all need education to know what we need to do to help ourselves and help other tenants that are similarly situated."

On Monday, Feb. 11, IFHC will join Boise Renters United, a Facebook group-turned-advocacy organization, to host the Boise Renters United February Meeting in the downtown Boise Public Library auditorium. There, renters concerned about rising rents, eviction and the rights of tenants will have the chance to form a united front and press for local and statewide policies to protect them.

Olson said the event will be "grass-roots," and driven by participants—neither the IFHC nor BRU have pre-planned policy goals for the evening. Instead, they hope to facilitate the formation of working groups of concerned people who will then develop a shared mission, study specific issues like rising rents and evictions, create "action alerts" to address immediate items like government policy changes, and establish ties to other renters' groups across Idaho.

The event begins at 6:20 p.m. and will likely run until 8:45 p.m. For more info, email ayenason@ifhcidaho.com, or check out BRU's Facebook page.
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