Exciting Times 

February 19, 2014

Exciting Times

These are exciting times in Idaho's capital city.

Thousands of revelers descended on downtown for the Feb. 15 opening of the Eighth and Main Tower (see video on boiseweekly.com); thousands more are eagerly anticipating the Friday, Feb. 28, opening of Trader Joe's (we unpack Boiseans' obsession with the upscale grocery chain on Page 8); and, of course, the Idaho Legislature is steadfastly maintaining its march into far-right absurdity with attacks on a whole range of civil rights (read about the so-called "ag-gag" bill imposing harsh penalties on whistleblowers at Idaho farms and dairies on Page 9, and a roundup of the latest human rights stories related to LGBT equality and "religious freedom" on Page 18).

Maybe with all this excitement--and tension--in the air, it's fitting that Boise Weekly publishes its inaugural health care publication, Be Healthy Boise, in this edition of the paper.

In 16 glossy pages, you'll find pieces on the Affordable Care Act; the work done by the Shriners for children's health care; and articles by local practitioners on chiropractic work for children and pregnant women, the cash-only business model for health care providers, and front line strategies for improving your health without the aid of a doctor.

Accompanying Be Healthy Boise, you'll also find a piece on Page 22 exploring an innovative collaboration between Saint Alphonsus Medical System and a local yoga studio to provide referrals for patients who could benefit medically from the ancient holistic practice.

There's never been a more important time to talk about health care, and BW is excited to have a new vehicle with which to explore it.

Heading into the spring, when exciting times are sure to continue on the political front, we're also looking forward to announcing another new BW development--but it's not ready for primetime yet. You'll have to check back here next week or on boiseweekly.com for more.

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