Exergy Tipster Collects Reward and Idahoans Celebrate Free Fishing Day 

Valley residents prove good things pay off

Boiseans love their bikes, and they get darned-tootin' ticked off when someone messes with them. That's why when someone broke into Team TIBCO's trailer just before the May 24 start of the Exergy Tour and stole the team's custom bikes, residents were both embarrassed and furious.

While all the bikes were quickly recovered, Boiseans felt like something more needed to be done to honor the local resident who first noticed a group of the bikes locked together on the Boise State campus.

That thank you came in the form of $2,450 to Paul Robertson, a facility manager at Boise State's College of Engineering. Seems like an odd number? Well, that would be because the money was donated by individuals throughout the community who wanted to do something for Robertson.

The good samaritan was recognized at a small ceremony May 31 in front of George's Cycles in downtown Boise, where Robertson was given his reward--which came as a motley collection of checks and cash.

"Just to make clear how it was a community response, everybody who donated wrote separate checks or brought some cash by," said Kurt Holzer, director of St. Luke's Medicine Cycling. "All of that is saying thank you."

Robertson was given swag and a jersey from Team TIBCO, as well as personal thank-you notes from the racers whose bikes he found.

Since so many people ponied up to help with the reward, you might be a little strapped for cash. Lucky for those who are both broke and anglers, because Saturday, June 9, is Free Fishing Day in Idaho.

For one day, fishermen can cast a line without a fishing license. While all the rest of the fishing regulations must still be followed--catch limits, tackle restrictions.

A few locations will be hosting special programs where novices can get advice from expert anglers and take advantage of available equipment. Your chances of actually catching something will be pretty good, too--all the program locations will be stocked with hatchery rainbow trout.

Here's where to get in on the action:

• Parkcenter Pond from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

• Merrill Pond in Eagle from 9 a.m.-noon.

• Lake Lowell in Nampa from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

• Wilson Springs Ponds in Nampa from 8 a.m.-noon.

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