Expedition Coffee Co. Takes Its Coffee Bike for an Inaugural Spin in Boise 

click to enlarge Ethan Hensley (left) and Andy Womack (right) built the Expedition Coffee Co. bike from ordered parts. - COURTESY EXPEDITION COFFEE CO.
  • Courtesy Expedition Coffee Co.
  • Ethan Hensley (left) and Andy Womack (right) built the Expedition Coffee Co. bike from ordered parts.
On May 13, Ethan Hensley and Andy Womack of Expedition Coffee Co. pedaled their brand-new coffee bike into position in front of the U.S. Bank Building on the corner of Main street and Capitol Boulevard in downtown Boise, raising its white umbrella to signal that the cart was open for its very first day of business. With an 86 degree high in the forecast, it seemed like the perfect day to pour nitro cold brew in a shady spot. As men and women in business attire strolled by, the pair offered tastes of Guatemalan and Ethiopian brews in tiny cups with nitro foam crowns.

"We're really into coffee. At home I do a ton of espresso, a ton of cold brew, a lot of pour over," said Hensley, a photographer by trade. "We were trying to figure out how we could get outside to the people and start serving coffee and stuff, and we were like, you know what—a bike cart."

Womack, a college student, added, "We talked about a cart, and with the cart we were like, 'It's just not mobile enough,' and then we stumbled across an ice cream bike, and we were like, 'Dude, that is sweet. We should do that with nitro.'"

The bike will be a seasonal business for Hensley and Womack, who plan to introduce it to the wedding and event circuit in Boise this spring and summer. Setting up shop on the street, like did Monday morning, would help them bridge the gaps between events.

"Boise keeps warm until October, you know, so I think we'll be out until then no problem," Womack said. 

Hensley said Expedition may also add an espresso machine when the weather starts to cool.

For now, the duo uses a rotation of local roasters, relying mostly on Boise institution Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters.

"We'd like to get into roasting eventually, but obviously we had to start out somewhere. ... I don't want to come out here and serve mediocre roasted beans. I want to serve really good coffee," Hensley said. 

Thanks to their two nitro tap handles, they serve that coffee quickly.

"Our goal is like, people come up and they're like, 'I need a cup' and we get it out to them. Forty-five seconds, we can have them served and they're gone," said Hensley. 

Follow the brew bike on Instagram at @expeditioncoffeeco
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