Eyebrow Threading 

Most women wage a silent war every day. It's neither glamorous nor gratifying. In fact, it's kind of gross. All the same, the battle against unwanted body hair rages on.

Women submit themselves to torturous procedures (remember the Epilady?), but the latest weapon in the fight is one that's actually been around for centuries in India and the Middle East. Threading uses a single thread roll in such a way that it pulls hair out at the roots without hurting the skin. It's delicate enough to remove peach fuzz or shape an eyebrow, but it can also get rid of multiple rows of hair at once.

Cosmetologist Jennifer Canning at Euphoria Salon in Hyde Park traveled to Chicago to learn the technique after clients began requesting it.

"Enough were asking me that I took it as a sign," she said.

Canning said it hurts about as much as plucking, but there is no redness, swelling or skin irritation, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin or anyone on medication for acne.

Canning is the only licensed threading cosmetologist in the area, but she hopes to start training others soon. She's already seen growing demand from her clients, eager to tame their unwanted hair. Canning charges $15 for eyebrow shaping or $10 for other areas, and it takes roughly 15 minutes.

In this war, the string is just as mighty as the wax.

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