Fall 2005 

This edition of Idaho Arts Quarterly, at a hefty 32 pages, has an abundance of content for your perusing pleasure. It also marks my first IAQ as BW's Arts Editor.

Though this Fall 2005 issue of IAQ has been both an experiment and a trial-by-fire, we have worked hard to make this our most comprehensive issue yet. We've tried to cover all areas of the state and the many types of art being represented statewide. And though we ran out of room in print, there are always many, many more art-related listings online at www.boiseweekly.com.

As the stories came together for the issue, we realized that the watchword for Boise and beyond is "growth." The arts are not immune--just see the story on Boise's upcoming Linen District project ("Urban Intervention," Southwest Idaho, page 21) or the one on Dawn Wells' one-woman film industry crusade in Driggs ("Mary Ann on a Mission," East Idaho, page 13). These stories, together with the myriad arts-related press releases, blurbs, snippets and scuttlebutt we've been receiving, all serve to reinforce what we--and our readers--already knew: The arts are important to Idahoans and many people out there are working hard to make sure the arts are developed, nurtured, taught and always have a place here in the Gem State.

--Sara Beitia, Arts Editor


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