Fall 2006 

If I might employ a sports metaphor in an arts publication, this edition of Idaho Arts Quarterly represents for me the beginning of a second lap around the track. This is my second autumn at the IAQ helm and it's been interesting traveling through a year's worth of seasons and issues and back again.

While this is a quarterly publication, at least two months out of three are spent ruminating on IAQ as we try to bring you stories you haven't seen from us before and won't see anywhere else. Though it's said that there's nothing new under the sun, we're always searching for new perspectives and new angles from which to approach familiar subjects.

This issue is a singularly large one, giving us world enough, if not time, to fill this IAQ with a lot of varied content and information. In these pages, you'll learn more about a southwest Idaho theater tradition, old-style art instruction, a textile artisan and a new theater tradition beginning up north. We've also included something on new and upcoming books and a complete listing of this year's grants and awards made by the Idaho Commission on the Arts (it's your money--you should know where it's going). As always, we have statewide arts reports and copious listings, too.


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