Famous (Deadly) Potatoes 

Our state's most famous export is making trouble nationwide. Dateline: St. Peters, Missouri, where an 80-year-old woman was recently convicted of throwing a potato at her neighbor. The woman received a year of probation and a fine for the act, but she says it was a case of mistaken spudentity.

"I had two or three six-inch Idaho potatoes," said Dolores Sherman in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "They said I threw a small red potato."

The culprit's eye-color notwithstanding, Sherman has a long history of scuffling with her neighbors--and in particular with 23-year-old Brian Traw. Last year, Sherman filed for a protection order against Traw, alleging that he broke her basement windows and threw kerosene on a bush she had recently planted. Traw, on the other hand, told the Post-Dispatch that Sherman "has a very short fuse. I was walking along the side of my yard, and she called me 'white trash' and 'devil's advocate.'" He was just getting ready to mow his lawn last September when those insults were backed up by a full-on tater-strafing.

Following the alleged altercation, Sherman said she was visited by officers, who demanded to see what kind of potatoes she had in her home. The offending tuber was placed in a plastic bag and used as evidence.

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