Runs through Sunday, Aug. 4

Even though the dust has settled on this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Idahoans can still get their geek on in Nampa. Yes, it's time to clear out the Tardis, polish up your adamantium claws and roll a D20 toward Nampa Civic Center for Fandemonium 2013: A New Beginning.

Taking place every year since 2004, Fandemonium covers all genres of fandom, from anime to sci-fi to gaming (both video and tabletop) to comics and anything else that inspires people to dress for a bit of cosplay or write fan-fiction.

Guests include author and professional costumer Tonya Adolfson, comic artists Jacob Bear and Steve Willhite, and fantasy artist and self-proclaimed furry Mokusei Kaze. Local DJ Sir Skratallion will be performing his drum-and-bass/alt-rock fusion to the cosplaying hordes.

The expo will also feature a wide range of events, including geek-themed takes on popular game shows like Jeopardy and Who's Line Is It Anyway, cosplay contests, video game tournaments, hands-on guides to digital art, cosplay and World of Warcraft, and seminars on topics like self-publishing and live action roleplaying. An Artist's Alley and Dealer's Room also give ample opportunity to spend your galactic credits.

See the expo website for the full lineup. Tickets at the door cost $40 for all three days, or $22 for a single day. Perhaps, if you practice your Jedi mind tricks, you can sneak in for free. "These aren't the nerds you're looking for..."

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