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Hark! Ghaustish Rakmoring, to the castle!

Bilbo Baggins. Viserys Targaryen. Katniss Everdeen. Cthulhu. Zaphod Beeblebrox. Where the hell do fantasy authors come up with these names? If we were to guess, we'd say varying amalgamations of weed, red wine, valium, morphine and scotch played a role.

To write like the greats without succumbing to substance abuse, might we suggest using the aptly named Fantasy Name Generator at

There, the budding fantasy writer can fill a world with all the tongue-twisting denizens he or she needs to slay the beast, seize the throne, topple the dictatorship, hurtle into a hellscape of existential dread or navigate cosmic absurdity.

The "simple" interface creates names that can be short, medium or long; consonant or vowel heavy; or include apostrophes or dashes. The "advanced" interface lives up to its name (pardon the pun), allowing users to build naming templates. For instance, typing in the code BVC will render a name with a consonant or consonant combo followed by a vowel or vowel combo and ending with another consonant or consonant combination. Examples: Teynd, Braiq, Rhourr and Chaick. The code s'vCv will spit out a single syllable followed by an apostrophe followed by vowels alternating with consonants: Ryn'yphe, Vor'onu, Dar'isto.

Some templates get even more elaborate, but there's a detailed instruction page to help turn code like ss(ly|ily|ish|ing) into Ghaustish, Veraughly or Rakmoring.

On second thought, it would be easier to go the George Martin route and crack a bottle of Night Train.


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