Fauxbois And Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (But Not Together) 

Local indie rockers Fauxbois, fronted by ex-BWer Brian Mayer, recently wrapped up a tour with Built to Spill and Finn Figgins. Fauxbois have received a smattering of good press from the tour, including the following nod from cmj.com:

"Fauxbois played a fun take on '90s guitar-heavy indie rock that sounded like ... well, Built to Spill ... Many songs began as hushed confessionals as guitarists Brian Mayer and Kate Seward shared vocal duties before the drums kicked in and guitar squalls buried their lamentations."

Another review of the Fauxbois show at NYC's Irving Plaza on baeblemusic.com included even more glowing praise:

"BoS [sic] has inspired countless derivatives, probably including well-matched opener Fauxbois, who played a great set and probably gained a respectable amount of new fans."

But sadly, the review also contained the following line:

"The chilly Midwestern disposition (Fauxbois hail from Idaho) certainly crept out in bits and pieces, adding an emotive quality to an already engaging bit of music."

Yikes. First off, Midwesterners are not even remotely known for having chilly dispositions. Second, and it pains us to even have to explain this to someone we assume passed high school geography, Idaho is not in the Midwest. It's just not.

Speaking of Built to Spill, frontman Doug Martsch and bassist Brett Nelson recently came out with the Electronic Anthology Project, a catchy reinterpretation of some BTS classics using '80s synth and drum machine beats. All of the song titles are anagrams of old hits, including "What If Your Dull" ("I Would Hurt a Fly") and "Far Path Tall Sign" ("Things Fall Apart"). You can hear three tracks from the album on Myspace or buy the seven-song EP at cdbaby.com on iTunes or at a live BTS show.

Moving from BTS to BTH, '90s rap act Bone Thugs-n-Harmony just announced that they'll be swinging through Knitting Factory on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

The Cleveland hip-hop group, which consists of five Smurfily-named rappers--Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone, Flesh-n-Bone, Layzie Bone and Bizzy Bone--is most famous for the 1995 hits "Tha Crossroads" and "1st of Tha Month."

Tickets for Bone Thugs went on sale Aug. 13, with general admission tix running $25 and platinum skybox seats going for $50. Tickets are available at Record Exchange, ticketfly.com or bo.knittingfactory.com. Just make sure to bring a friend so you won't be lonely, so you won't be lone-ly.

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